Our Worldwide Publisher is yet to be named

The right publisher will offer a variety of services throughout numerous countries in the West, Europe, Asia and the Orient, as well as 'Down-under!'

This would be an opportune window into the Eastern Hemisphere of most the Western Pacific Rim countries, which has a population greater than 3.2 billion people and very recently, the English Language has been hailed as the 'International Language' resulting in millions of families wishing to educate their children and themselves in the English Tongue.  We have reserved a place in the London Book Fair, between April 10th & 12th, 2018 as well as in the International Book Show in Beijing, China From August 23rd to 25th, 2018, plus they say, in their opinion, they believe that Spindle Sticks and Ballast Bum will be very well received, because it gives a little bit of insight into the western way of life.


We should have substantial world coverage by the spring of 2019 and there will also be audiobooks (in English) for those wishing to buy that format.  My books will also be sold on Amazon books, Apple iBooks store and in Barnes and Noble ebooks stores, as well as thousands of book store world wide, so Keep a sharp lookout.  Look out for much better pricing in the near future!


My books are expected to be priced very favourable at USD $8.99 for paperback and $3.99 for Ebooks!  Hardback should sell for $19.99.

Book 1 "The Humorous Adventures of Spindle Sticks and Ballast Bum will be available in books stores shortly… just keep an eye open!