Origins of Spindle Sticks and Ballast Bum Stories

      David and Zhanna have 2 boys and their escapades have been in many cases, so funny… that I decided to write a few stories for children between the ages of 1 and 8 years old. These two brothers have certain humorous characteristics and traits.  These stories are nearly all true and have been used for each incident.

      David and Zhanna Higham are two good friends of mine (the author) and have agreed that I might use their children as templates for these very short bedtime stories for 1-yr olds to 8-yr olds and even older if they wish!

      With a competent illustrator, I have started publishing these stories to be sold through official book shops, on the internet and any other place that would take the stories to the children in the world.  I have the text superimposed on the illustrations, with, mainly just one paragraph on each page, allowing the narrator (if a parent or adult) to further explain what the children are doing, allowing better understanding and possible a greater degree of interest for the listeners in learning some newer words. I have also placed a mini dictionary at the bottom left corner of each page, to further enhance reader learning, with respect to vocabulary used. This could even be for young baby-sitter!

      The name 'Spindle Sticks' was chosen by Zhanna his mother, because he, the elder child, (then about three-and-a-half) had a arms and legs that were extremely thin and spindly. Conversely, the younger child (then about one-and-a-half) was a solid little child with heavy arms and legs and a rather round rump that gave him the nickname of Ballast Bum (which I gave him almost immediately after Zhanna's comment!).  The two boys could hardly be more different from one-another from the same family!

       The title of the books are be “The Humorous Adventures of Spindle Sticks and Ballast Bum” Bedtime stories.  Each book has 2 stories and the series will be 10 books in total.  All stories are based on the two children being the ages of three-and-a-half and one-and-a-half, respectively.

       Each story is separate from the next one, and is also stand-alone.  There might also be an Audio Book version for blind and other incapacitated people, at a later date. 

This work is copyright © 2016-2018 “All rights reserved.  


Bits of my life… not in order, teaches one how to tell stories… how to recall…

Above are a random selection of photos of Bruce at various, but not chronological stages of his life!  He is an eternal optimist and believes in all things!  He really enjoys life!  

General Ideas for stories…

I have travelled much and still travel a fair bit and I enjoy seeing people in unusual situations, that often involve a humorous action or sets of actions that inspire the 'darker' humorous side of me.  I can see humour in almost all things, however unpleasant they might seem at the time.


I am also almost 5 years into a recipe Book, called 'Bruce's Basic Bites,' which takes a traditional meal that I like and tells of how I was introduced to the meal, and why MY recipe is better (in my opinion and all my friends' opinions) than the traditional, as far as taste is concerned!  I have a variety of different national types of meal from UK, Europe, N. America, Mexico, African Continent including ZAR, Asia and Scandinavia and even into the Orient, to which I add my twist which I believe enhances the eating experience.  But I suppose many of us claim the same thing, Yes?


This hopefully will be completed sometime during the next year (2020?).  It is complete with photos of the preparation, ingredients and the finished product (in many cases) including snacks, quickies, soups, main courses and desserts.  Let's hope I can finish it as I am also a cook, with many a happy and satisfied tummy!